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Vista4 is the trading name of a unique and diverse company. Founded in 2006 by a group of motivated and compassionate individuals, Vista4 provides a revenue source where 100% of our profits are given to a worthy cause, through the supply of premium quality products and services. These products are as varied as chalk is from cheese - and whilst we don't supply the chalk (although we do sell salt) we do sell cheese - and lots of it.

Run by 100% voluntary labour, the Vista4 machine works because it's members and unpaid staff believe in it and the vision behind it, and we're passionate about our products, our service levels, our keen pricing and our objectives. Our products are sourced as locally as possible - we buy from award-winning local butchers and cheesemakers in Hampshire and Dorset- and environmental awareness is a key component in our products and operations.

"We aim to provide quality household and business products at a fair price both to our community and the wider market place."

So whether you're looking for prime meat products, distinctive and delicious cheeses, bottled water, bulk salt for softeners and de-icing, elegant hosiery for ladies, effective household and commercial cleaning products, catering consumables, top brand barbecue products, an exclusive and refined range of handcrafted candles, or even a professional, efficient data destruction service, Vista4 is a company you can trust to provide quality service and competitive pricing.

We're constantly combing the ground and scanning the skies for new products and ideas to help us achieve our mission, so if you have a product you feel is of interest to Vista4, just drop us an email at the address shown below and one of our procurement team will get back to you.

Email: enquiries@vista4.org.uk


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